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TMJ Pain and Headache
TMJ Pain, Jaw Pain and Headaches
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Headahes, Migraines,Jaw pain, TMJ pain, clenching, grinding and broken teeth are some of the symptoms and are the result of unbalanced forces within the mouth, head, neck and jaw. A system which properly diagnoses and treats all these problems experienced by millions of Americans has only recently come into being. 
The Trudenta System comprises of state of the art examination and treatment technologies that is available at Vacaville Dental Center.
You are a good candidate if you are suffering from any of the following:
- Migraines
- Clicking and popping of the Jaw
- muscle tension and pain of the neck and face
- Sensitive teeth due to grinding
- TMJ pain
- Reduced mouth opening due to jaw pain
- Uneven tooth wear and cracking of teeth

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